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Renata de Lima


About me!

My name is Renata de Lima, and I am the co-founder of, “MOTIVE TO BE PRETTY” blog. I was born and raised in Brazil and have been residing in the United States since 2000. My current residence is in Pennsylania where I live with my husband, and my two lovely children, Maria Eduarda, 9 yrs. old and Fellipe, 6 yrs. old. I manage my life on the run as many women do balancing a full time job, being a mother, and a wife.

I absolutely love to spend time with my family. Some of my favorite things to do include: yoga, dancing, eating, watching movies, applying makeup, shopping, meeting new friends, enjoying nature, and listening to music. If you are near me, you’ll notice that I am always singing. I am also a hopeless romantic and I’m crazy about flowers.

I’m constantly on the move searching for new trends and new ideas. I became a Motives Custom Blend Foundation Specialist and Artist in 2009 with “Motives by Loren Ridinger”. I have always loved makeup but I realized quickly that I could help more women love makeup as well especially once they learned how to use it properly and learn to accent their best features. I love it when my client looks in the mirror in amazement and disbelief on how beautiful they are. They feel wonderful as do I. They walk away feeling confident and strong, and let’s not forget, pretty! My spirit is big and my goal is always to be happy, especially when I’m with my family and friends.

I hope you enjoy our blog; “MOTIVE TO BE PRETTY”. It is definitely your time to feel Pretty!

Hope you enjoy the Blog, MOTIVE TO BE PRETTY. Because I have several reasons to feel and be pretty. And you?

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