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Lucy Marcinkevich


About me!

My name is Luciene Teixeira Marcinkevich, ”Lucy” for short,and I am the co-founder of “Motive To Be Pretty”.

I was born and raised in Brazil and have been residing in the United States since 1997. My current residence is in Pennsylvania where I live with my husband Drew and two children. Kyle who is 8 years old and Amanda who is 6 years old. They, as in all three, keep me very busy!

I love to spend time with my family, travel, shopping, fashion and of course make-up. I am, what they call a typical woman.

What I really have grown to love of the past few years is make-up but just recently discovered there is so much more to it than just applying some lipstick and putting on some blush. Without the guidance of applying it correctly I was feeling like I was doing something wrong and although I felt beautiful, I wanted to look like what I saw in the magazines and on TV so I began to research, look up information and try to get the look I desired. In 2010 I discovered Motives by Loren Ridinger, and it changed my life. I took several training classes, and became a Motives Custom Blend Foundation Specialist.

The products are fabulous and I absolutely love helping other women discover the look they want. No matter what level of you are seeking, I can provide you with the knowledge and guidance you are missing to look and feel “Pretty”.


@motivetobepretty no instagram